Kreuzberg Canal

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Discover some of the best Spots in Berlin located along the Kreuzberg Canal. Walking along the canal you are sure to experience lots of exciting sites and locations. Consisting of three must-see spots, this tour takes you along the canal and highlights some great Spots that definitely shouldn’t be missed as you explore the area.

On this curated tour, you will discover more about some of the sites along the Kreuzberg Canal. From the bustling Turkish Market taking place on Tuesdays and Fridays, to the Boule courts for a quick game or to watch the excitement. The Tour also includes a stop at one of the best cafes in Berlin, La Maison where you can stop for a delicious snack or quick coffee.

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Turkish Market

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Berlin is full of markets selling everything from furniture to food. By far one of the most popular is the Neuköllner Wochenmärkte am Maybachufer, also known by many as the "Turkish Market”. Filled with food, fabric, and lots of other homemade items, if you are looking to see the city through one of its most popular and exciting markets be sure to stop by and listen to hear more.

The market runs along Maybachufer, a quiet tree lined street, just along the south-side of the canal between Kottbusserdam and Holbrechtrasse. If you are hoping to visit, the market is open from 11am to 6:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays. It can be reached by taking the U8 train line to the Schönleinstrasse and then heading north about a block to the corner of Maybachufer and Kottbuserdamm.

In addition to the market, the surrounding area is filled with lots of other sights and attractions. Along the canal you can find the Boule courts where there is always a lively game, or have a coffee and pastry at the nearby café La Maison.

The Kreuzberg Boule Courts

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If you’re interested in exploring one of those spots that just seem to draw people in, the Boule Courts between Thielenbrücke and Holbrechtbrücke is just the place. A meeting spot that is perfect for people-watching in an exciting location along the north side of the canal in Kreuzberg. 


The Boule courts are nearby to many cafes and restaurants, including La Maison, they are a great spot to stop by on a walk. The area around the courts has trees lining the paths, and markets taking place throughout the week. If you stop by the courts almost any time, you can watch the many games being played on a regular basis, or even ask to join one yourself.

If you are in the area or have always wanted to know more about the game of Boule, its history, and how to play, listen to learn more. 

La Maison

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If you are looking to take a short break for a pastry and a coffee or craving one of the best baguettes in Berlin, be sure not to miss La Maison on the corner of Paul Linke Ufer and Forster Strasse. In addition to the delicious offerings at the cafe, the spot itself has some interesting stories. From its origins as an idea and its opening just a few years ago to the people and team who make the cafe and bakery what it is today.

Listen to learn more about the local favorite and what makes it special. The cafe can be found along the canal in the district of Kreuzburg. Even in the center of the city, the location of La Maison is something unique, on its somewhat quiet corner, with a beautiful view of the canal. 

After your stop at La Maison, there is plenty to see in the area, from other great restaurants and shops to the nearby Boule Courts or the Neuköllner Wochenmärkte am Maybachufer that happens every Tuesday and Friday. Whatever the time, stop by, grab your croissant and get a coffee before continuing your stroll.