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Explore cities through immersive audio tours with Wander

A Unique immersive

Discover new places and rediscover old favourites with immersive audio experiences. Uncover the history and stories of the city, and hear the sounds like never before. Meant to be listened to and enjoyed with headphones, on a walk, or from your home.

Audio for Exploring

Wander allows you to listen to the most exciting audio about locations from historic sites and events, to the best local hot spots. Explore the city in your own way, on your own schedule.

Curated Tours

Whether you are in Berlin, exploring by foot, or listening from home or abroad. Follow multiple spots grouped by theme or location for a unique city tour. Start with our Berlin Wall tour here. Create your own tours by adding Spots to playlists.

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Stay tuned for more cities

Paris · London · Rome · Madrid

The Wander library continues to grow with more exciting locations and stories. We will be adding new Spots regularly. We will also be bringing on new content creators, and launching in new cities to make the experience even better. Wander will have Spots across the world, for major attractions, and places off the beaten path.